daka-wide-5Dock Features
  • Aluminum Tubular Frames
  • Titan Plastic & Cedar Decking (We only stock Titan)
  • 5' x 12' Frames
  • Screw-Jack adjustable tires at each junction
  • Can easily be configured into multiple designs
Screw Jack 

Screw-Jack Leveling System 

Wide-5’s innovative screw-jack leveling system provides independent side-to-side leveling and 36 inches of travel. The system allows you to easily adjust the dock to an appropriate height, while maintaining a consistent height for all support legs.

Low Profile Extrusions 

Low Profile Extrusions

A low-profile extruded aluminum frame gives your WideFive a clean, stylish look. Decking sections fit flush inside each section frame, which means no rough edges or stubbed toes. The heavy-duty support structure and section connectors are hidden entirely under the decking

Section Connectors 

Section Connectors

Simple, yet durable connections between sections and wheel sets every 12 feet, allow the WideFive to be easily rolled in or out of the water while fully assembled, or installed and removed section by section for easy off-season storage.

DAKA Cedar Benchswimming-ladder-2006


Accessories & Options

  • Bench - Plastic & Cedar
  • Ramp - 8' & 12'
  • 4 Rung Ladder
  • Deluxe Bumpers