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Triton, the industry leader offers the best aluminum trailers for your money, 19 years and hauling! All three Triton snowmobile lines consist of trailers with excellent standard features and top-quality accessories to fit your specific trailer needs. You absolutely will NOT find a better trailer at a better price! Model Specifications


XT Line—the entry-level trailer with standard screw-hole tie-downs.

  • XT10—Tilt
  • XT 10VR—drive on/off trailer
  • XT12—Tilt
  • XT 12VR—drive on/off trailer
  • XT14—three place drive on/off trailer

Elite Line—Step it up to full-length quick-slide channels and thicker wood. Great for the user looking to haul everything from snowmobiles to ATV’s to garden tractors. The tie-down options are awesome!

  • Elite 10—Tilt
  • Elite 10VR—drive on/off trailer
  • Elite 12—Tilt
  • Elite 12VR—drive on/off trailer
  • Elite 16—three place snowmobile drive on/off trailer or 4 place ATV trailer
  • Elite 20—four place snowmobile trailer

CoverAll and TC Series Snowmobile Trailers

TC Series – The newest of Triton's enclosed line up, this trailer combines the benefits of the enclosed trailer with the lightweight and lower profile of the coverall series. You load with the rear ramp door and have a front access panel/door.
CoverAll Series – pick your 10' or 12' trailer and add a cover. Get the benefits of enclosed trailers without spending the money. These caps are very durable and easy to operate. You won't find a better cover option in today's market. Model Specifications


CoverAll Packages—pick your 10’ or 12’ trailer and add a cover. Get the benefits of enclosed trailers without spending the money. These caps are very durable and easy to operate. You won’t find a better cover option in today’s market.

TC Series—This is a one-piece designed trailer with a rear ramp door that you drive into and reverser out of – it’s not a drive through trailer. Come standard with a front access door.

  • TC118 – 11’ with a 1’ front curl that you can drive into. 8 ½’ wide so the machines sit right next to each other
  • TC128 – Same as above but with a 12’ deck
  • TC 167 - 7’ wide, this is an inline version of the TC series. The deck length is 16’

Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer

AmeriPro, made by Forest River Mfg., is a very well constructed trailer and comes standard with all the great options you’re looking for. Absolutely top of the line! Triton enclosed fully-aluminum trailers offer the same Triton value and quality you've come to expect. We offer everything from a basic entry-level trailer to a top-of-the-line car hauler and everything in between. Customize this trailer to your specific needs.

Model Specifications

AmeriPro Line

  • AP 247 – 7’ x 24’ (Plus 5’ V-nose) Our most popular 4-place. Comes standard with: 6’ high, Side access door, roof vent, (2) fuel doors, front and rear spring assist ramp doors, electric brakes x2.
  • AP 227 – 7’ x 22’ (Plus 5’ V-nose) Same standard features as above
  • AP 187 – 7’ x 18’ (Plus 5’ V-nose) Same standard features as above

Triton Line

  • XT Line – standard enclosed trailers used for hauling powersport toys to construction equipment. If you’re looking for a general purpose trailer at a great price, look no further
  • Prestige Line – These trailers are designed specifically for the powersport user. Tie-down features with phenomenal style. They don’t get better than this!
  • LowBoy Line – The LowBoy and LowBoy HD (Heavy Duty) trailers are as good as they get. If you are looking for a car hauler or heavy construction use this is what you are after. Use and abuse the trailer – It’ll take it!
  • Cargo Line – multi-purpose enclosed trailers with rear ramp or swing doors