Qwest LS - Triple Tube

Qwest Q3 Triple Tube

If you have a need for speed, this is the high performance package for you. The Q3 Triple Tube is designed to use smaller class outboards to achieve maximum speeds, higher performance, and a smoother ride to
get you to your destination faster.




Qwest LS Triple Tube - Standard Features

  • Third Pontoon for Increased Stability, Buoyancy and Strength
  • Gen II Package with Integrated 25 Gallon Fuel Tank and Gauge in Dash
  • Lifting Strakes on All Three Tubes Offer Rapid Plane and Better Control
  • Tunnel Hull Aluminum Underskin Reduces Drag and Creates a Smoother Ride with Higher Top End Speeds than competitors
  • .090? Thickness Pontoons with Reinforced Heavy Duty Nose Cones
  • Sea-Star Hydraulic Steering
  • Aluminum Ski Tow
  • Available in 16' to 24'
  • Same Standard amenities as the Qwest LS
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Standard Equipment on the Qwest LS

Sea Star Hydraulic Steering

LS Helm_Resized

LS Riser Trim

LS Riser Trim_Resized

LS Upholstery

LS Wrap Bench_Resized

Ski Tow Bar

LS_Tow Bar_resized

25 Gallon Fuel Tank

LS_17-gallon Tank_resized

Infinity Sound System

LS Infinity Speaker_Resized

Qwest Designs & Seating

Lanai Seating

LS_Lanai DS Bar_Resized

Splash Pad Seating

LS_Splash Pad Bar_Resized

Fishtail Seating

LS_RLS Fishtail Fish Station_Resized


LS_RLS Bar_Resized

DS Bar

LS_DS Bar (2)_Resized

Sleeper Seats

LS_Optional Front Sleeper Seats (2)_Resized