Foster Bros. Marine is proud of our Pro Staff and their accomplishments. Below are people that represent our brands and promote Foster Bros. Marine and Kingfisher. There are many different boats and products available as well as other opportunities out there to take advantage of but they have chosen to work with Foster Bros. Marine and run a Kingfisher boat! In their own words, here's their stories.

Matt Johnson

Introduce Yourself: I’ve been obsessed with the sport of fishing as long as I can remember, but I started my promotional career in 2000 at the ripe age of 17, where I took on a role to help educate anglers through a website called Soon after—in 2001—I started taking people on guided fishing trips and the passion only grew from there. I enjoy seeing others catch fish, and I enjoy even more when those anglers can take what I’ve shown them and do it on their own. Growing the sport through education and awareness—that’s my utmost passion.

I’ve fished in many different tournaments settings since 2001 but in recent years I’ve focused primarily on the promotional side of the industry and guiding. I own Matt Johnson Outdoors ( where I house promotional content and offer guided fishing trips, seminars and more. I also own/operate the Ultimate Panfish League, which is the country’s longest-running ice fishing league (formed in 2002). Outside of my efforts with Matt Johnson Outdoors, I work for Clam Outdoors and serve at the Ice Team Manager and Pro Staff Director. Fishing is a day-to-day focus in my life.

All fishing aside though, my true passion in life is dedicated to my family—my beautiful wife and four amazing kids! They are growing to become very fond of fishing as well! In fact, I’m finding myself getting out-fished more often than not now :)

Tell us your story: I was introduced to KingFisher Boats by good friend and fellow guide, Gary Klingler, who is also part of the sales team at Foster Bros Marine. I was a strong supporter of another aluminum boat brand for close to 15 years and had a great experience with that brand, but once I got a chance to get a solid look at the KingFisher line-up I knew I was missing something. After a few short trips in a KingFisher boat I knew my future was going to include one parked in my driveway! I then had the chance to meet the team at Foster Bros Marine and I felt right at home. It wasn’t a month later and I placed an order for a 2025 Flex!

Those who know me, also know that I’m big on relationships and building partnerships within the industry. The team at Foster Bros Marine is like family. They value a lot of the same things I do. They understand the needs of an angler, but also understand the value of a friend. I take a lot of comfort in knowing I have them in my corner, and being a family-owned and run business, I take pride in knowing I’m working with a group who share a lot of what’s important to me as well.

Why Kingfisher: After having more than a full season under my belt running a KingFisher boat, I can’t imagine fishing without one. MANY items on a boat-buyer’s list is checked off when running through the characteristics offered by KingFisher. No corners are cut, and performance for an aluminum boat sets new heights. Built right—and built to last—no doubt about it, plus everything I could ask for in a fishing boat.

Aluminum boats always have a stigma of being a “wet or rough ride,” but I can tell you that I’ve had many clients in the boat question whether my boat is fiberglass or aluminum—case in point, it performs like no aluminum boat on the market! It’s a very smooth and stable ride, and I’m more than pleased with how it handles in waves and rough conditions. The fishable space is also amazing, as you’re jumping into a boat where space is maximized and layout is spot-on. A well thought-out platform for a fishing boat.

We want to buy boats that last, no one wants to make an investment and have to worry about repairs, and with KingFisher you will see that you’re buying a product that prides itself on durability and performance. Everything from the Pre-Flex Hull to the reverse chine to the thicker gauge aluminum—you’re jumping into an elite level product!

Brian Simon

Introduce Yourself: I've always had a passion for fishing and the outdoors for as long as I can remember. I have memories of shore fishing with friends when we were too young to have a care in the world. We would bike with our rods and tackle boxes to the nearest lakes on hot summer days to hopefully catch anything that would bite. As I grew up, fishing with my Grandfather Milton became a weekly occurrence. Whether it was bullhead fishing in a slough off some back country road or filling the livewell with bluegills and crappies, we usually brought some fish home for grandma to fry. I was introduced to bass fishing by some friends and it didn't take long for that addiction to grow. I went from a duck boat with a trolling motor to a 18' bass boat with a 150hp outboard and I haven't turned back since, fishing as many tournaments as I could in a summer. However, as my Grandpa got older, our opportunities to go fishing together slowed down. I now became a guide in a sense. With fewer chances to get him out on the water, I wanted to make sure we had success every time. A bass boat was no longer accommodating for an aging fisherman, so we borrowed my cousin's fishing boat. I realized TWO things at that moment...Comfort is more important than filling the livewell, and guiding was now my new passion.

Tell us your story: Fishing has always seemed to open some doors for me. While fishing tournaments, I was introduced to a fishing guide, "Gary" who was looking for help on corporate guide trips on Lake Minnetonka. This guide ran a KINGFISHER. At that time I had a bass boat, and it seemed like every other guide that was helping did do. As my drive for fishing tournaments slowed down, my passion for guiding took hold. Between taking my girlfriend and kids fishing, and having memories of discomfort while taking grandpa fishing, making the move from a bass boat to a multi-species fishing boat was an easy choice.

Why Kingfisher:  I inspected Gary's KINGFISHER to see if that would be an option....And yes, yes it was! He informed me that Foster Bros. Marine in Delano dealt with KINGFISHER boats. So I went to check things out and was so impressed not only by how these boats were built, but by how much more room and storage I would have compared to my bass boat. Buying a new boat can be a little over whelming with all the options out there now a days. When I walked into Foster Bros. Marine, they took the time to explain everything about KINGFISHER boats. When the owner Mark Foster, personally walked me through why he was so proud to carry KINGFISHER boats and explained the story behind the hull design, along with this thing called PRE-FLEX WELDED TECHNOLOGY....I was hooked. With guiding being on my list of future career possibilities and still fishing a few tournaments a year, I decided to order one and I have never been happier or more organized on the water! I chose KINGFISHER because of 2 reasons...1) these boats are built to last! No more worries about cracks in fiberglass! 2) I have more room in my KINGFISHER than I ever did with my bass boat. Tournament fishing and guiding are now more enjoyable for partners and clients as well as myself.